Statistics News Network

SNN is an innovative new way to show news articles based on semantic meta-data. SNN holds various new ideas on how news can be presented in a different way then before, making use of automatic fact- and sentiment tagging, automatic article retrieval, machine translation, public available photo's and state of the art 3D gaming technology.

SNN tries to answer questions like: which company in the field of computer technology was most negative in the News the last week in The USA.
As a result SNN will give a top 10 of those companies, together with a set of links from articles where these companies were mentioned. The articles presented are the ones having potentially the most readers in the USA.
A user can select a so called domain of his interest, like politics, law, computers, business or software. After this selection, a user should select the subject of interest within this domain, like company, person, industry term, organisation or technology. Next a user should select the country of his interest, together with selecting whether he wants to see only positive, negative or all documents.
Finally a user selects the timeframe, i.e. yesterday or last week. SNN will then retrieve all necessary tags and present them, together with a relevant picture in the column that is in focus for the user. The column will present the top 10 of the tags most frequently used in the selected time interval. By clicking on the picture, a set of url's are presented, showing articles from the most popular websites in the selected country, discussing the very topic that was searched for. Changing columns will change the subject of interest, from company to person, organisation, industry term or technology.
SNN is completely based on automatic data retrieval and tagging based on natural language processing technologies. No human intervention is used to manipulate the results. Earlier experiments have shown that SNN can analyse "what happened" with an accuracy between 70 and 80%!
We hope you enjoy using SNN as much as we enjoyed inventing and building it!